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Lexxi Saal is Radio Ready

I think we all better keep an eye on Lexxi Saal.

Her latest release, “Rescue Call,” is a commercial Pop smash in every sense of the word.  Everything about this track screams radio to me.

Lexxi has been making quite a name for herself with some solid releases and some major performances including opening slots for Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony and Austin Mahone.  With her Pop sensibility, work ethic, look and a solid team around her, I have no doubt she will be doing some big things.

Rescue Call” is perfectly structured, all while providing beautiful vocals, catchy melodies, and simple memorable lyrics on top of a vibing production at the hands of recent Berklee graduate Dwilly.  Rounding out the track is a smooth Rap verse from DC adding a bit of toughness to the otherwise bubbly track.

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