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Liam O’Brien Is Resistant To Let Go With “Us” [Video]

There are some people that leave lasting impressions on you. If you’re a songwriter, one person can have the ability to inspire countless songs, no matter how long you’ve been over them. This source of inspiration can seem embarrassing, but Liam O’Brien has found a way to channel this feeling into his pop tune “Us.”

While the song utilizes characteristic pop elements, like a heavy 808, rhythmic elements, and shimmering synths, the video spawns into a parallel world to the song’s subject. Diving into the theme of how hard it can be to let go, O’Brien creates a metaphor between his inability to move on from and ex to that of a young woman still obsessed with a musical artist, who just so happens to be O’Brien. 

This parallel is interesting because we find ourselves so in love with certain types of music, artists, actors, or influencers that can seem lame to others, inciting this feeling of embarrassment. There are plenty of times where we’ve all fallen head-over-heels with a song or band that strayed away from pop culture, and felt the need to keep secret, but in reality, it’s something to own and be proud of. O’Brien shares a bit more about this concept, saying:

“When I wrote ‘Us,’ there was somewhat of an embarrassing feeling that I was still writing about somebody I’d left over a year ago. This is where the video concept of an adult female who’s secretly obsessed with me stemmed from. I think music videos are meant to be weird, artistic, yet still meet the theme of the song. This video did just that.”

Liam O’Brien is a singer-songwriter in the modern pop space. He loves to entertain in all aspects of life and can never quite have enough of it. Whether he’s making music, videos, food, drinks, or even friends, Liam stays creating for himself and others.

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