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Lily Lewis Is Vulnerable And Honest With “Radio Silence”

When you’re single, it seems as if every person is happily committed to that special someone and you’re facing nothing but silence. Lily Lewis meditates on that notion after being dumped in New York City on her new single “Radio Silence.”

The tune is candid in expressing initial emotions after being dumped. The slick production provides a nice drive to the song’s unprejudiced nature, complementing the descriptive lyrics, like “is what I need a stiffer drink or can you give me some closure?” “feeling so invisible, you don’t miss me,” and “I’m sounding so desperate, there must be people stronger than me.” The track really captures Lewis’ vulnerability, especially since the young artist cites this as the first song that feels like her.

Lily Lewis is an artist poised to dominate the pop music world. The Santa Barbara-bred, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has already begun making a name for herself in spite of having only independently released two singles to date. Her debut, the infectious “VCR,” earned 150,000+ streams on Spotify in its first three months, and was followed up by the lush and equally catchy “Lonely Lovers.”

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