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Listen to love language in new single "Echo" from Natalie 2V

21 year old singer/songwriter, Natalie 2V, from London, is quickly creating a name for herself. With a creative process including writing songs with her guitar and piano, the artist has likely learned a lot from musicians such as Amy Winehouse, Bon Iver, and Bruno Mars, which she has grown up listening to. Though, throughout her own progression as an artist she has drawn influence from the likes of Flethcer, Julia Michaels, Finneas, and JP Saxe, to name a few. Over the past year or so, Natalie has worked with various artists and producers creating music. This, in fact, has likely led to the unique sound that she has created.

The newest single from Natalie 2V, Echo, is a song about love. Not a love song, per se, but a song ABOUT love, and ways to love. The lyrics of Echo, describe how if you're "in love then you're in sync". In detail the song describes how to lay and listen to the heartbeat of your partner, spending time trying to match your own to theirs. Echo is quite literally about how a true love will "To learn the way your body language works, Maybe I can be what you deserve,

You'll want me for yourself if I rehearse, So I'll do what I gotta do to echo you".

Both the musical melody and lyrics, as well as Natalie's vocal performance are sweet and deeply emotional. With a quirky delivery, the artist crafts a vulnerability and relatability that are undeniable.

Listen to more like Natalie 2V here:

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