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Listen to Yelle’s new track, “Karaté,” off of upcoming album: L’Ère du Verse

After six years of waiting, the EDM ragers of France will finally be able to listen and dance to new music from Yelle,a dance pop duo hailing from France. The electronic music group has decided to release a new album, L’Ère du Verseau, or The Age of Aquarius, September 4th of this year and to give the people a taste, Yelle released their third and fourth tracks, “Karaté” and “Je T’aime Encore.”

As synthesizers, drums, and bass heavily define what most consider to be “electronic,” Yelle goes against the grain by challenging their emotional intent. Between the two tracks, there is a stark contrast in both phrasing and mood. Whereas “Je T’aime” is soft and vulnerable, “Karaté” is rigid and ecstatic.

This contrast is, perhaps, what Yelle wants us to hear, and we are hearing it for a good reason. These two tracks represent the artistic range of the musicians and build suspense for what they can become.

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