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Liv Harland’s Latest Single “What a Lie”, a Hauntingly Beautiful Breakup Ballad

You may have seen Liv Harland’s TikToks, a platform on which she has amassed more than 600 thousand followers and more than 10 Million likes, but her latest single “What a Lie” certainly proves that she is much more than a street-performing influencer. Following her 2020 smash “Dancing in the Sky”, the UK-based talent is ready to prove that she is ready to break through the next phase of stardom. “What a Lie” is a testament to Liv’s vast capability to evoke strong messages in her lyrics and larger-than-life emotions through subtle vocal modulations. 

“What a Lie” recounts a breakup with a past girlfriend and asks the questions “have I been replaced” and “was it really as meaningful as it seemed?”. Harland’s strong vocal presence can be felt throughout the entirety of this modern piano ballad, drawing equal attention through the highs and lows of the composition. Her vocal tone is rich in substance and clearly conveys the complex layers of emotion that one experiences in heartbreak, love, loss, and betrayal. As the track descends into finality, Harland is calm and collected as she admits:

“I hope you go

To places we were gonna go.

Now I get to go there alone.

I thought it was me,

What a lie, Oh what a lie.”

Though the musical composition is rather simple in a sense of the singularity of the elements utilized, “What a Lie” is nevertheless a complex piece to unpack. Harland’s voice ushers the listener through her own battle of acceptance, making use of relatable scenarios that might cross one’s mind when imagining their former love in a relationship with someone else. Not only does Liv Harland break down barriers for the LGBTQ+ community with this pop-ballad, but for all of us who have dealt with breakups and heartache. Liv has all the makings of a future superstar who will no doubt only shine brighter and brighter with time, 2021 will be a big year for her and she has our full attention. 

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