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Liv Nicholson Releases the Next Teenage Pop Anthem with “Deserved It”

Nashville-based singer-songwriter, Liv Nicholson, cements herself as an up-and-coming pop artist with her new song, “Deserved It.” With strong influences from the early 2000s pop/rock scene, fans who are nostalgic and looking for a new pop-rock anthem will be more than satisfied with Liv’s new punchy pop anthem.

“Deserved It echoes that of past and current legendary pop-rock artists like Avril Levine and Olivia Rodrigo, but stands confidently on its own with its unique lyrics that stem from Liv’s personal life. Not only does “Deserved It” showcase Liv Nicholson’s ability to effortlessly write and produce a Top 40 hit, with energetic electric guitars, arena-like vocals, and the grit and edge that is needed for a pop-punk princess, but her lyrics are one that many young girls and can relate to.

The lyrics of “Deserved It” are fun, yet real, telling a story about the pressures and criticism that come with being a young girl in high school. Liv perfectly describes the casualness of misogyny and the male gaze in her song without coming across as preachy or overly planned. She lets her emotions and experiences flow out of her as she describes her anger towards the “shitty guys” who made her question her self-worth. When asked about her inspiration for “Deserved It,” Liv said the following:

"This [“Deserved It”] is about letting go of the anger towards people from high school and owning the decisions you made when you were a kid.”

“Deserved It” is filled with emotion, character, grit, and edginess, while maintaining the light and upbeat tempo of a great dance-pop song. Listeners can feel free as they dance and jam to the conscious lyrics and beauty that is Liv Nicholson’s voice.

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