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Liv Romano Closes Out Her Freshman Year with Debut EP "Alright?"

Earlier this year, Florida raised, LA-based newcomer Liv Romano landed in my inbox with her single, "TV Shows", and I was immediately impressed with her songwriting, vocals and overall vibe. While more people than ever are making music these days and the Pop scene is more oversaturated then ever before, there is always room for more and you never know when the next superstar will pop up.

Having started writing songs when she was 16 years old, Liv Romano seemed to have found her spark as a songwriter and has been creating and carving a lane of her own ever since. After traveling around the country to work with a number of collaborators, she decided to go all in on chasing her dreams and relocated to LA to devote all of her time and energy to her music. Since launching her solo project earlier this year, Liv Romano has surely made some waves thanks to her undeniable ability to create accessible, relatable and catchy tunes that resonate with the masses.

With lyrics that connect, a voice to drive it home and a polish that seems far beyond her years as a solo artist, Liv Romano is without a doubt on her way to building a timeless catalog and devoted fanbase. Closing out her freshman year, she has recently blessed us with her debut, 4-track EP, "Alright?," wrapping up her previously released singles along with her latest bop, "Introvert," into a stellar package that is well worth a listen.

While it may still be early for Liv Romano, she has been hella consistent since her launch and I can't imagine she doesn't have a whole lot more in store for 2023. If you are into Pop music and are looking for a new artist to stan over, make sure Liv Romano is on your radar.

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