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Lo Lytes Bring the Funk on ‘Hurting You’ [VIDEO]

Solid Pop vibes, easy to dance to with a funky edge – get to know Lo Lytes.

When singer Jameson Morris and producer/multi-instrumentalist Rockwell Sands were introduced by mutual friends, they had no idea it would lead them here.  Re-connecting a couple of years later, the duo began to write some songs, which eventually became the foundation for Lo Lytes.

Pulling inspiration from Bruno Mars, Jamiroquai and Daft Punk, Lo Lytes finds their stride in the midst of it all.  On their latest release, “Hurting You“, there is a bit of an MJ feel, with Jameson dominating vocally and Rockwell crushing the production.  About the song, Lo Lytes says, “Hurting you sheds light on a rarely discussed aspect of modern relationships, showing how seediness ultimately gets it’s just desserts.

There is also an official video to go along with the single following singer Jameson Morris in a lustful rendezvous with his mistress as his gorgeous girlfriend waits at home for his return.

The vocal melodies, harmonies and lyrics are more than memorable, while the production is a perfect blend of acoustic and Electronic elements.  Moody synths, carry the verses leaving space for the vocals to really take hold eventually leading up to a pumping hook and the introduction of some rhythm guitar.

All in all the track is super well done.  Developing over time, keeping you interested every step of the way.  With a classic feel for the new era – if this is any sign of what’s to come from Lo Lytes, we’re excited.

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