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Locnville Luminary Djenga: Sparking International Grooves in Solo Debut on Paradise Sound System!

Renowned electronic DJ and producer Djenga is entering a new chapter in his musical career with his latest project ‘Sunsets in Valencia’. After achieving millions of plays on streaming platforms on songs such as ‘Liquid Cocaine’ and ‘Sun in My Pocket,’ and winning awards such as MTV EMA Best African Act with the chart-topping duo Locnville, Djenga is now ready to explore uncharted territories through Deep House sounds and toplines provided by international artists Venior, Anna Wolf, and Audae.

This EP marks Djenga's debut solo venture into music production, offering listeners a refreshing blend of Dance and Deep House genres. With over a decade of experience in the music industry, he has spent time all over the globe: the UK, South Africa, Serbia, leading up to the recording of parts of the EP in Berlin, Germany. Djenga brings a wealth of knowledge and an unbridled passion to this body of work. It’s cover art depicts a sunset over ocean water, giving the viewer a feeling similar to what the artist himself experienced on the south-east coast of spain, he intends for those who see the art to feel a sense of calm, yet a willingness to let loose and allow one to enjoy the Deep House beats and melodic vocals of the EP.

Having achieved success in previous projects with artists such as New Beat Order, Roxy, Djenga embraces this project as a chance to experiment and innovate without the weight of history or predetermined expectations. It serves as a platform for him to push the boundaries of his creativity, unleashing a wave of fresh musical compositions via the tracks on the release.

Djenga's collaborative spirit shines through in this EP, as he embraces the opportunity to interact with the sound of acclaimed Finnish experimental pop artist Venior on “Groove on My Heart,” coming out on the 21st of July, Unsigned Only Music Competition’s first south african winner Anna Wolf on the track “Me & You” dropping on the 4th of August, and rising French

Electronic artist Audae on “Shadow & Light.” His dedication to traveling, meeting, and experiencing different cultures and incorporating influences into his music create a sonic tapestry that will resonate with listeners worldwide.

Speaking on the release, Djenga states:

"I'm always grateful for the opportunity to work with new people from all around the world, and I'm sure that there will at least be some people out there that will like this music just half as much as I do."

Pre-save the first track from the EP “Groove on My Heart” that comes out on 21.07.2023 now using this link!

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