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Following the release of their full-length album ‘HIGHLIGHTS’, the London based INDIE/POP band FLAWES released their newest EP ‘LOWLIGHTS’ via Red Bull Records. The band consists of three members; Josh Carruthers (Vocals, Keyboard), Freddie Edwards (Guitar) and Josh Hussey (Drums). The trio are well known for polished production and huge awe-inspiring performances, which is evident from their sound. However, with the new EP, the boys have a chance to strip it all down to the most raw versions of popular songs from their full length album. ‘LOWLIGHTS’ will afford fans of the band to get to know them on a much deeper level musically, as they can relate to the journey of bringing the music to it’s final polished form. “Lowlights’ is a selection of songs from our debut album that have been stripped right down to their bare bones. We love to create a huge wall of sound when playing live, so to mix things up we decided to challenge ourselves and take the complete opposite approach“ explain the band “The songs are so exposed, there’s almost nowhere to hide. ‘Don’t Count Me Out’ in particular is literally just a piano and vocal, taking the song right back to where it started life.”

The EP was recorded at Red Bull Studios in London, with some of the performances left to be recorded totally LIVE. After two years of touring, JC, Huss and Freddie took a step back, re-calibrated, and crafted the sound that would go on to define them. If this is what resulted in their debut album ‘HIGHLIGHTS’ what you’re hearing in the BEAUTIFULLY raw ‘LOWLIGHTS’ is the musical journey to get there. It’s almost breath-taking to hear the humble yet wonderfully refined origins of the FULLY SONIC final product of the full-length album. I for one, prefer the acoustic stripped down versions, but listen and decide for yourself!

Listen to more music from FLAWES here:


‘LOWLIGHTS’ Track Listing:

Here To Stay

Don’t Count Me Out

When We Were Young

Look No Further

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