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London duo Razor & RD Millz deliver 9 track collaborative project ‘Bittersweet’

Accomplished North West London rapper Razor takes the rough and makes it smooth on new full-length project Bittersweet, teaming up with vocalist RD Millz for a record of raw truths and redemption which more than lives up to its name. The duo – working together for the fourth time – bounce off one another with almost unnatural ease; RD Millz’s melodic hooks work as the perfect foil for Razor’s keen-edged rhymes.

Razor, who has gained support from the likes of Charlie Sloth and Nadia Jae, is a fearless lyricist whatever the situation. He can be brutally honest, as on the project’s first single ‘Make Up To Break Up’, then run cheekily through XXX-rated sex-ploits on ‘Swimming In Your Ovaries’ three minutes later without breaking his flow. These two videos have each racked up more than 100,000 views on YouTube alone!

Hip-hop has never been more conscious than it is right now but there’s no self-indulgent bandwagon leaping here. Razor is open without being preachy and his presence on the mic is his and his alone.

Bittersweet takes a candid view of the ups and downs (and in great detail the ins and outs) of a relationship, but the record is more than that – it’s the perfect soundtrack to these bittersweet times.

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