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London's Lexie Carroll Fully Embraces the Feeling of Comfort & Safety in "tomorrow"

Lexie Carroll’s newest single brilliantly embodies the feeling of being totally comfortable with the one that you love. Focused on a relationship that makes her feel safe, even during the hardest of times, "tomorrow" offers relatable feelings amidst a catchy hook and beautifully-crafted guitar strums. Have you ever felt like home is where your partner is? It doesn't matter what state or country you're in. Whether it's an apartment or a home. If they're there, you are too, even if it means sitting together in silence. Cuddled by her lyrical delivery, Lexie's new track releases on the heels of her latest EP "When the Sun Came Up" which got her signed to Seven Four Seven Six (home to Matilda Mann and Matt Maltese). Carroll has built an authentic Gen Z fan base thanks to her relatable and very real lyrics & subject matter. Finding personal catharsis through her artful expression, Lexie is a prolific creator and gifted songwriter, creating her own full artistic world for others to explore through her self-penned tracks for which she also creates endearing accompanying DIY visuals and artwork.

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