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Recorded between February and July of 2020, BURN THE MEMORY, a 6-track collection of rock-anthem’s, from Lone Kodiak, brings us the debut single from the newly formed project, ‘MAKE IT A WEAPON’. the single is a socially conscious, statement, song. The lyrics show awareness of the state of the world, as of late. Vocalist,  Dainéal Parker, sings “I feel for you brother, I’m sad for you sister… I’ll take your pain, make it a weapon”. The lyrics for the song open up with lines about not being there for someone, and hoping for forgiveness. While Parker’s tone make them feel very personal, the words can definitely have a parallel drawn to the overall division between people, in this country and around the world, currently.

Lone Kodiak, is a band based out of East-LA, consisting of singer/guitarist Dainéal Parker, bassist Daniel Alden, and drummer Josh Harris. Both Parker and Alden played together and were founding members of Portland band, emberghost. The pair decided to form the new project, while at a memorial service for their former band-mate Sarah Jennings (emberghost) who was diagnosed with brain cancer that subsequently and very unfortunately, claimed her life. The rocky road for the crew did not end there, however. After a few years of experimentation turmoil struck again, with a serious motorcycle accident for Alden, and a dramatic shakeup within the group. In the end, the commitment of the group ultimately brought them to a place where they developed their new unique sound. This band has put forward some solid ROCK, and i look forward to hearing more from them!

Listen to more from the LONE KODIAK, here:

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