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Look out for Gasparini

Chloe Gasparini is a prolific new talent and currently a singer at NYU Clive Davis Institute of recorded music. She has immense potential through her song writing abilities and knockout voice. Chloe demonstrates how potent she is as a technical singer through her wide vocal range as heard on the hook of the song, she damn near riffs for 5 seconds on at least six occasions throughout. She sounds like a savvy singing veteran but being that this is only her first single makes it that more impressive.

Float is a Pop song about nostalgia and about her dealing with feeling helpless and betrayed similarly like being stuck on an ocean floor. Through thought out metaphors and powerful vocals this is an uplifting song that should get more of a spotlight. Give this pop star in the making time to develop as she’s already way ahead of the curve being only a college student.

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