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Louis Samson Croons on Debut EP ‘2 Years 7 Songs’

Danish artist Louis Samson first found success as the lead vocalist and songwriter for the duo Julias Moon.  A couple of years ago Louis decided to go solo, was picked up by Universal Music Denmark, and got to work.

Recently, he has released his debut solo EP, “2 Years 7 Songs”, and for him, it represents a new beginning.  About the release he says, “The title of the EP pretty much describes everything.  All seven songs were written within the last 2 years of my life. Every song captures a certain feeling or state of mind at the time a song was created – and gives a pretty good idea about my life over the last two years”, he continued; “I think it’s important to see this EP as a collage – more than a collected piece.

The lead single from the project, “Plans”, is an emotional and laid back Pop jam that sees Louis delivering quality vocals and super catchy top lines on top of a minimal and clean production.  Soft pads, mellow guitar melodies and some slapping drums are all you really need to support the vocals from Louis Samson.  

The raw and emotional release takes a bit of self reflection and mixes it with a bit of hope, love and pain to create a tune that effortlessly pulls at all of your heart strings.  About the single he says, “Plans is a train of thought, about not having enough time with your loved one, but making sure the time you have really counts.

Having already found support from the likes of  Spotify, Complex, Iggy Mag, Purple Melon, Gems & Secrets, and seeing his lead single land on the charts in Denmark – there is no doubt that Louis will be making some waves if he keeps this up.

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