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LOVA Reaches Out To All The “Lonely Ones” On New Single

Loneliness is more than just a feeling and can manifest itself in words, characteristics, and actions. No one illustrates all the different forms of loneliness better than LOVA on her new single “Lonely Ones.”

Expressing her own struggles, LOVA pens a relatable and poignant love letter to different characters feeling lonely. During the verses, LOVA narrates about a party crashed by police, though she herself wasn’t invited and can’t participate in the discussion with her classmates. This moment evokes the sense of loneliness for the young artist, and further reaches out to her fellow “lonely ones” who are “wondering where their friends have gone” or “the runaways on Greyhounds.” These lyrics hit in a different kind of way; you instinctively crumble, but simultaneously feel consoled.

The song really comes from the heart, as LOVA says:

‘Lonely Ones’ is basically me reaching out with a hand to anyone who feels alone or has ever experienced it. […] Usually when I feel lonely, I think to myself that I must be the only one feeling like this—pathetic, boring, and unlovable—and that no one can relate or knows how it feels. But I guess the truth is that we all feel it, and knowing that and hearing other people talk about it makes it all feel a little less lonely.”

With her album on the way soon, LOVA continues to assert herself as a sharp, smart, and witty pop music disruptor. Since emerging as Sweden’s hottest new musical export in 2018, she has amassed over 50 million streams and received acclaim courtesy of Billboard, Idolator, GQ, LADYGUNN, The Line of Best Fit, and more. In addition to award nominations on multiple continents, YouTube Music proclaimed her an “Artist to Watch” in 2019. In between, she toured with the likes of Lennon Stella and Noah Kahan as she presented a pair of fan favorites EPs—Scripted Reality and A Gentleman’s Guide. Kicking off 2020 with a series of anthems, she sets the stage for what promises to be her boldest body of work yet.

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