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Riley Pearce is a singer/songwriter hailing from Australia. Born and bred in Perth, the young artist was based in Melbourne as recently as the pandemic lockdown. After the long, excruciating indoor hiatus Pierce and his long-term girlfriend packed up, grabbed the pup, and headed back to Perth, with a goal to explore the mature theme of love, properly. His new EP, Love and All That Stuff, does exactly that.

On the EP, is his latest single release, Bottle It Up. A song about love that takes its form in the background, of the everyday hustle and bustle. Bottle It Up is about the kind of love that doesn’t need to be made out loud. It’s the love that takes place in everyday little actions, like leaving the coffee machine on for your lover who is about to wake-up, or turning on the space heater in that old room you know they are going into before they get there. Bottle It Up is about the little things, not the outward pourings of affection for the world to see. It’s about knowing each other well enough to not feel the need to prove how well you know each other. Unspoken love, “the kind where you don’t need to hear me say it back.Bottle It Up is a smartly written, well sung, honest and relatable Alt/Folk song that reminds people of the real reasons to be in love, in the first place.

Riley’s exploration of love EP, that is Love and All That Stuff, is a step away from the artists comfort zone, showcasing a new style, with his 5 track love collection. Bottle It Up is the perfect love song for a date, the credits of a rom-com, or a nighttime drive together when you two are the only ones alone in a perfect world. “this EP is all about journeying through life alongside someone you love, the ups and downs of a relationship, constantly trying to improve yourself for them, planning a future together and letting someone eat the last chip because you know they will appreciate it”. -says Riley Pearce.

Riley Pearce‘s earnest tone and knack for storytelling through lyrics is really resonating both in his native Australia and overseas. The artist is sporting over 60 million streams to date, and has sold out headline shows around the world and supported the likes of Lord Huron, Tash Sultana, Lifehouse, The Paper Kites and Lucy Rose.

Bottle It Up includes the sweet and seductive, raw, and vulnerable vocal performance of Greta Stanley. “I’ve been a fan of Greta’s voice for a long time. I even pledged to one of her early crowdfunding campaigns when she was starting out because I needed that demo CD she was offering. To have her part of this track and for her voice to really help tell the story of the song was amazing.”Pearce says of Stanley helping out on the track. The two artists have even announce a co-headlining tour of Australia, starting on August 21st in Sydney and ending September 4th in Busselton.

Listen to more music from Riley Pearce, here:

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