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Loving the New Tungevaag & Raaban [VIDEO]

Scandinavian production duo, Tungevaag & Raaban, have just teamed up with rising Swedish artist, Victor Crone, fir their new single, “Coming Up“.

Following up on a string of successful releases, huge performances and now getting ready to embark on an Asian tour, “Coming Up“, only helps to add to the duos already blossoming catalog.  Between the two of them, their releases have been streamed over 330M times on Spotify

The new single is a vibrant, cross-over EDM track, with Victor Crone soaring on vocals atop of the melodic, acoustic infused production.  About the track the guys day, “We are so proud of our new song. Its about a guy who been deeply depressed and found a way out to the better. We are in love with the lyrics.

Pulling at the heart strings while simultaneously tickling eardrums, “Coming Up“, is memorable and anthemic.  Delivered along with a visual to match, this is just another stellar release from T&R.  Keep an eye on them.

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