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Loving this New Project from The Accidentals [VIDEO]

Adding to the hype around their new album, “ODYSSEY“, and while embarking on a tour of North America Michigan raised trio, The Accidentals (Sav Buist, Katie Larson and Michael Dause), have just released a new video for the title track from the project.

The three artists first came together after meeting during a high school orchestra event.  Evidentially, they hit it off and since then, they have performed over 1k live shows, including sets at major festivals.  Coming into 2017, they were named one of the, “Top 10 Bands to Watch in 2017“, by Yahoo – and for good reason.

What makes The Accidentals stand out is their authentic jam band vibe and their cross over appeal.  With every release and performance, you can really feel the chemistry between the bands members… the time spent together creating can be felt when they play.  Taking Folk and orchestral instrumentation, adding an Indie Rock energy and then incorporating Pop melodies and arrangements, The Accidentals are able to create a sound all their own.  Their lyrics are smart, concise and thought provoking – when everything comes together it is easy to see why they are turning heads.

If this is your first introduction to the group, this new video is all you need.  Several performances edited together give a great overview of their dynamic.  From a small room, to the outdoors, to a stage with lights – the one thin that doesn’t change is the fact them seem to love what they are doing.

Check the full project below.

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