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LUXXURY Drops New EP ‘Make It Right’

If you ask me, there is no point in talking about Nu-Disco if you are not going to bring LA based LUXXURY into the conversation.  While he officially launched the project in 2015, I have been paying close attention since 2017 and since then he has continued to drop an endless stream of totally groovin’ jams.  Incredibly clean production, a penchant for melody and a classic feel unattainable by most – LUXXURY is dropping gems in 2020 that would rock any dancefloor in the 70s without second thought.  

Having just released his new EP, lead by single, “Make It Right”, LUXXURY delivers a smooth and dusty track that will without a doubt be setting the mood on dancefloors throughout the summer.  With simple, repetitive, falsetto vocals, dreamy synths and a funky, undying bassline the new tune is built around precision sounds, feel good vibes and a retro groove.  Without any bells or whistles to distract from the tunes sentiment, LUXXURY once again proves himself as a force to be reckoned with in the Nu-Disco scene.

Blending the best of Disco with new age production techniques and perfect arrangements, LUXXURY is able to craft timeless tunes that will without a doubt stand the test of time.  About the new single, LUXXURY says it was, “Inspired by a breakup (a bad one, like…really bad).  The song is a hopeful refrain of redemption, in anticipation of new beginnings.

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