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LUXXURY is too Funky

I’m a sucker with anything that has a funky ass bass line and this is absolutely a song that has that element.

Be Good 2 Me is brought to us by Blake Robin, a.k.a LUXXURY, an American producer, songwriter and DJ who is a savage at making Disco, Funk and Pop. This track right here begins with ear melting hits to the xylophone, funk from the bass and a solid beat from an 80’s drum kit. If your about Freestyle and Disco, this is the artist to follow because he’s new and knows his roots. This song actually comes from his latest EP entitled Be Good 2 Me. This 16 minuet album is the perfect soundtrack to get your day started. Lively, Bright and Colorful.

I have a special place in my hart for LUXXURY because he creates electric fuck with his own stems. His wizardry fascinates me and I think it will fascinate you too.

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