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LUXXURY Teams Up with Jill Lamoureux for Groovy New Tune “Just Like It Was Before”

Anyone who follows RockDafuqOut should know that we can never get enough of LUXXURY. Having graced the pages our site time and time again, we are always excited to see a new release from the LA based groove-master in our inbox. Having made a name for himself creating dynamic, dancefloor friendly jams over the last several years, his originals and remixes are often supported by top DJ’s from around the world, helping to set him apart as one of the most consistent and talented producers in the Nu-Disco scene.

Most recently, LUXXURY has blessed fans with his single, “Just Like It Was Before“, and it is yet another shining example of why his sound has permeated the masses and why his tunes continue to turn heads around the globe. Teaming up with Jill Lamoureux of Scavenger Hunt and Tim Bernhardt of Satin Jackets, LUXXURY and friends craft a stunning, hypnotizing tune that brings just the right amount of sauce. Undying basslines, stunning vocals and funky embellishments all come together to create a slow-burning jam that is perfect for setting the mood on any dancefloor.

If you are into nu-disco and haven’t yet tapped into LUXXURY, do yourself a favor and give this one a spin – and then go back and dig through his ever-growing catalog. You won’t be disapponted.

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