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Lxst Gets Out Of Town With His Ride Or Die In “Upset” [VIDEO]

Pensive rapper Lxst (pronounced Lost) tackles the meaning of a tried and true relationship in his new song “Upset.” Pleading for emotional security and patience, Lxst begs not to “fall in love again.” There is an underlying sense of fear when a budding relationship feels like more than just a moment, but the young rapper can tell he has a lot more to learn before he “gives it all.”

As a way to explore these facets, “Upset” carries a carousel of visuals that support the song’s emotional tone and mirror the hiccups and stitches one has to go through in a relationship. Using a variety of glitches and indescribable focal expressions, the video’s unfinished feel supports the tune’s sonic euphoria. It’s not hard to get lost on the video’s unique landscape or fixate on the wild world Lxst and his leading lady have built. But you can tell this is no “get away car” thrill, rather a “ride or die” duo.

Lxst, whose real name is Malcolm Mathews, is a 20-year-old rising rapper with ever-growing depth and complexity. At 17, following a family dispute, he found himself living on his own, expelled from school and bussing tables to survive—a time that marked the beginning of his love for recording music. As he works on his forthcoming EP slated for later this year, a forthcoming video that stretches the limits of his creativity, and continues to grow as an artist, Mathews’ output promises a fresh, new take on popular music.

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