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Lyon Producer TomFat Drops 2 Bombs [VIDEO]

Hailing from Lyon, France, comes producer TomFat.  Up until recently, the multi-talented producer had eluded my radar, but thanks to his submissions of recent tracks, “Clothes Off”, and, “Eyes Wide Shut”, I am now well aware and keeping tabs.

While France is undoubtedly a hot bed of talent these days, TomFat is only helping to add to the hype.  Finding support from fellow French producers Tony Romera and Bellecour as well as David Guetta, Klossman and Chocolate Puma, TomFat is obviously into something with his signature blend of Hip Hop and Future Bass.

On, “Clothes Off”, a catchy, pitched vocal leads the way while moody basslines, slapping drums and an overall vibe take hold.  Further enhanced by the official video, this one has quickly become a go to for me in my playlists.  

For, “Eyes Wide Shut”, a dark and booming energy take over while haunting orchestral elements, deep basses and huge stabs keep the track driving.  The dynamic release builds into a bendy, high-energy drop before cooling off and riding out.  

While TomFat May have only recently come onto my radar, I will without a doubt be keeping tabs.

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