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Marc Scibilia Counts His Blessings And Stays Grounded On “Rivals”

Retaining focus and knowing what keeps you grounded is important when maintaining personal values, but this practice is especially important for those who work in entertainment. A career in music consists of many rises and falls, but keeping what you love close will make you feel like the most successful person in the world. Marc Scibilia touches on this with his new tune “Rivals.”

The tune is a glistening example of Scibilia’s songwriting talent. The production’s acoustic instruments make you feel connected to the melody as you bask in its emotional tangibility. The lyrics resonate down all the way down to your core because they’re full of intent and genuineness. Scibilia best expresses in feelings in the line “I’ve seen enough to know that nothing compares, and nothing ever will,” further noting the inspiration behind the tune by saying:

“I wrote ‘Rivals’ at a hotel in Munich, Germany while on tour with Robin Schultz. We were playing these massive arena shows, it was a career highlight but it reminded me the things that are most important to me: I always had my friends, family–the things that have no rivals…

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, chart-topping singer/songwriter Marc Scibilia has been on a steady rise ever since the 2012 release of his breakout single, “How Bad We Need Each Other.” Scibilia was forced to put his burgeoning career on hold for the better part of 2019, though, when he welcomed his first child into the world while simultaneously caring for his ailing father, who would tragically pass away from brain cancer shortly thereafter. He chronicles the profound, emotional journey on his riveting new album, Seed Of Joy, which he recorded alone in his basement studio in Nashville in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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