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Marcos Carnaval is Bringing Some Flavor From Brazil

Marcos Carnaval dropped a club banger for all you kids enjoying Spring Break, while I freeze in NYC. It’s cool Marcos, I still feel the heat and flavor from this anthem. Before we discuss, lets start off by introducing the driving force behind the track.

Marcos Carnaval is a Producer & DJ from the beautiful country of Brazil.  He was awarded Best Brazilian DJ/Producer in 2000 & 2001 by DJ Sound Awards, named the Best Brazilian DJ in the international scene in 2012 by DJ Sound Awards, And even given the title of Best Brazilian Music Producer in the international scene in 2013, 2014 & 2015 by DJ Sound Awards. If you’re saying to yourself, “What The hell is DJ Sound Awards?” It’s an international award show that honors some of the best electronic DJ’s and producers in the business. No worries, Let me know if any of these other accolades ring a bell… Marcos Reached Billboard’s Top 10 Dance Club Chart in 2014 with his single Didn’t Say, coproduced an album called “New Party by Daishi Dance” that reached #1 on iTunes Japan, and even had his song Werq It featured on Furious 7 video game on Xbox. This man has many accomplishments, but the ones that caught my attention were his modest behavior and love for his own music. Now back to his new joint.

This one is entitled Zulu and it’s making me feel some type of way. The track begins with some palm and heal hits to some congas and bongos, combined with some Latin rhythmic chanting. What caught my attention was the open drum fills from timbales. Kind of reminded me of some patterns that Tito Puente used to play (R.I.P Tito). You will definitely feel that Afro-Latino vibe when listening to this song.

I’m a fan of this track mainly because I’m a proud Latino and have spent majority of life learning and playing all types of percussion instruments. As I listen to Zulu, I get reminded of my culture, my passion for making music and my obsession to party. I think my man Marcos can agree with that.

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