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Marq Electronica Brings The Vibes With Latest Single ‘Wildlife’

If, like us, you’re looking for something to spruce up lockdown 2.0 then luckily for you Marq Electronica is back with an undeniable banger this month. ‘Wildlife’ is the energetic, infectious track dominating our airwaves this month. Marq Electronica, an artist slowly becoming a staple in our daily soundtracks, is a producer and vocalist harking from Middlesborough and is making waves in the electronic atmosphere with his skilfully sculpted bangers. Already a member of the synth-rock band Sapien Trace, Marq is carving a space in the electro-synth landscape that rightfully is made just for him. This latest single comes off the back of his previous hit ‘In A City (Love)’ which has massed an immense eighty-thousand streams and counting. Marq is back with a track rife with all the unique elements that inaugurate his tracks as exciting new fusions of funk. 

‘Wildlife’ is the energetic new electronic project from Marq Electronica. Sculpted on a soundscape with striking synths and driving drum lines, ‘Wildlife’ is the innately infectious hit spicing up our lockdown with effortless energy and good vibes. Marq’s commanding vocal line laments over an experience we can all relate too; bored out of our damn minds staring at the wildlife from our bedroom window. Yet, this song is no downer, but instead an energetic positive performance set to pick you up out of your funk.

“The world may be crazy right now so this is a moments release, a fun track we can all identify with to some extent.”

With over three thousand streams on this track in the past week alone, it’s clear that we can all relate. With the release of his most fully realised track to date, it’s evident Marq Electronica is building on his massive momentum and setting out to soar our spirits as he brings the vibes with this latest banger.

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