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Massive Vibes Show What They Are Made of With Ben Phipps Remix

Sweden born, NYC based artist Ben Phipps has slowly but surely been grabbing the industry’s attention through a budding catalog of releases.  Ben finds his stride collaborating with artists and focusing on lyrics with substance to pair with his dynamic productions.

Having already racked up over 40M streams on his catalog to date while also chatting on iTunes in over 30 countries, getting national spins on SiriusXM, and finding his productions synced on TV and in filmBen Phipps is without a doubt proving that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music biz.

Massive Vibes have been making waves recently in their own right.  With a passion for creating timeless records that combine emotion with dynamics by using a range of live instruments in their productions, Massive Vibes saw their breakthrough single, “Burn the Stars”, reach over 5M streams and help them to land a record deal earlier this year.

I could picture this going down – in all honesty it took me about 15 seconds to know I wanted to support this remix (this was only solidified by the drop).  The mix is both smooth af and yet hits hard.  Delicate keys support the beautiful vocal performance, but things quickly take a turn into a glitchy and perfectly crafted drop.  Guitar riffs, vocal chops, horns, percussion and pulsating synths all combine to create an undeniable vibe.

Do yourself a favor and add this one to your playlists.

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