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Matilde G Drops Empowering New Video for "Hypocrite"

Giving a stern 'goodbye' to a cheating hypocrite, empowered pop artist Matilde G drops a captivatingly futuristic video to her energetic new hit "Hypocrite". Working with radio friendly melodies and Hip Hop influences, the Singapore-based singer hopes to motivate other women to not reduce themselves to being victims when they leave a relationship with a cheater. They instead, should empower themselves by knowing that they deserve better and that it's best for the relationship to end. The song aims to uplifts those who have been through a similar situation. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, it's best to realize that their partner lost a good thing and that you're ready to bring all of what you have to offer elsewhere. Or nowhere! That's the beauty of self-empowerment.

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