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Matthew Nolan & Austin Fillmore Team Up for ‘Drink to That’

Chicago artist Matthew Nolan just dropped a new bop and it reads as an ode to young love and zero fucks.

The self produced track, “Drink to That“, sees the young artist vibing on a percolating production, trying to face his demons while happily accepting the torment that comes along with them.  While love may be slipping away, the glass seems to be half full.

Through tongue in cheek lyrics, and with an assist from MC Austin Fillmore, the bubbling Pop tune blends elements from Hip-Hop, Electronic and R&B.  Beneath the slick melodies and pumping production, a depressing and yet hopeful story unfolds.  Recognizing the problem is always the first step, and Matthew Nolan seems to be more than aware of the life that lies at the bottom of the bottle.

Catchy, playful, memorable an energetic – this tune has a vibe.

I’ll drink to that.

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