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Maude Latour Drops Moody Anthem ‘Walk Backwards’

While New York based DIY singer/songwriter Maude Latour calls the city home, her journey has taken her halfway around the world. The daughter of two journalists, the buzzing Indie Pop artist spent most of her early years living in places like Sweden, London and Hong Kong. With a unique worldview, Maude Latour uses her past experiences to help craft her sound, pulling on influences from around the globe. Having only launched her project in 2019, what she has been able to accomplish in only a couple of short years is impressive to say the least. With millions of streams – and fans to match – there is no doubt that Maude Latour has found a way to connect, boasting support from outlets like The Fader, NYLON, Billboard and Zane Lowe while also landing in a number of massive Spotify owned playlists.

With a message of empowerment and acceptance, Maude Latour keeps in close contact with her fanbase on social media, always open to conversation and always ready to lend a listening ear. Now preparing to release her new EP later this year, she has just released the projects fourth and final single, “Walk Backwards“, and it is a moody, relatable jam that more than helps to raise the anticipation for her forthcoming project. With syncopated basslines and chilling intricacies at play, the production is clean and minimal, perfectly complimenting Maude Latour‘s sassy and smooth vocals.

About the single, Maude Latour says, “This song specifically tackles the blurry line between love and romance that has always entered my relationships with my best friends,” Maude shares. “We place such a strict structure on our relationships, trying to put them into boxes. Love is fluid, liberated, it comes in friendship, strangers we smile at, romance, family, and little conversations throughout our days. Unpacking the rigidity of these structures leads to freedom in all types of love, allowing us to recognize it everywhere. ‘Walk Backwards’ is about the depths of my best friendship. It’s the closest relationship I’ve ever had, it’s made everyone I’ve ever dated jealous and confused about its meaning. This girl is my ride or die, I’d marry her, and she’s connected to me in the deepest way any person can be.

Yet another stunning addition to her catalog, “Walk Backwards“, proves Maude Latour is without a doubt an artist to watch in 2021.

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