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“maybe money” by nobody likes you pat is the Perfect Summer Indie-Pop Jam.

Angst, sadness, and feeling lost are some of the many emotions that are present on nobody likes you pat’s newest song, “maybe money.”

nobody likes you pat jumps on the track and sings with lyrics that tell a story about making it big in his career, but still feeling like there’s something missing in his life. He sings about feeling unsuccessful by Hollywood, despite being a working artist, because he hasn’t reached celebrity financial status.

However, nobody likes you pat reveals to listeners that success and money is maybe not what he is looking for. He sings about how money and fame can’t capture the freedom and playfulness that comes with being a kid. Hoping to escape the external pressures of social media and Hollywood, nobody likes you pat realizes that what he is looking for can’t be bought.

nobody likes you pat’s newest video captures the theme of “maybe money” perfectly. Composed of childhood videos from the late 90s, it is clear that what nobody likes you pat is really looking for in maybe money is to escape the pressures of adulthood and embrace the playful nature that comes with youth.

“maybe money” is a fun and breezy indie-pop song. The song’s upbeat tempo and vibrant guitar contrast nicely against the hopeless and sad voice that is nobody likes you pat. nobody likes you pat proves that he is not only a great songwriter on “maybe money,” but a great vocalist too.

This delicate balancing act of indie-pop musical arrangements with commercial pop vocals is what makes nobody likes you pat so interesting. He doesn't put himself in a category, but rather creates raw and authentic tracks that capture how he is feeling in the current moment.

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