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Meet the ‘Beverly Hill Boys’ [VIDEO]

For someone who only speaks English, it is always both interesting and inspiring when I get a song of another language dropped in my inbox.

Music is a language in itself, and you don’t always have to understand what someone is saying for it to hit you.  Case in point is the new single & video from Latino artists Chris Tamayo and DJ Kadel.  For their new release, the two up and coming artists join forces on, “Beverly Hills Boys“.

While Chris Tamayo calls Beverly Hills home, DJ Kadel hails from Toronto.  The track itself is a blend of Hip-Hop, Pop, Reggaeton, R&B and Electronic.  With Chris handling the singing, DJ Kadel takes over on the verses and the finished product is a laid back, yet energetic vibe.

The production centered around Latin rhythms, heavy basses and bright melodic elements perfectly compliments the vocals from the two artists.  While I may not know what they are talking about, I do know that this would fit in perfectly with some of your other favorite Latin Pop artists.

To make the track even more appealing, DJ Kadel headed out to Beverly Hills to meet Chris Tamayo and shoot the video.  Palm trees, beautiful shots and bright colors make it pop.

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