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  • Holly Sawal

Meet your New Favorite Indie Band Lady Silver

I love indie music. So, when I heard the fantastic new track 'News of the World' by up-and-coming indie sensations Lady Silver I was immediately hooked. This song brings personality and wit in abundance, and you can't help being drawn in by Lady Silvers cleverly crafted lyrics and expert musicianship.

What takes this incredible single to the next level is the video for this is unforgettable; using deepfake technology the song's message is brought to viewers via the likes of Kim K and Elon Musk, which was made possible thanks to renowned deepfake mastermind Roy Kahalani.

It's clear from this latest release that Lady Silver is a band with a good sense of humor and a knack for crafting sharp, satirical commentary that packs a punch. They make sure to have plenty of fun and encourage others to do just the same.

Lady Silver has a fan in me and I'm very excited to see what they do next. The great news is I won't be waiting too long, as their upcoming album Circus Pop is out for release later in the year, Circus Pop is a tapestry of current societal themes.

Be sure to check out 'News of the World' and keep your eyes peeled for Circus Pop

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