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Megan Vice Drops Fresh Remixes for ‘Nobody Freakin’

NYC native Megan Vice has spent years honing her craft.  Growing up she found inspiration from the likes of Michael Jackson, Prince and Whitney Houston – using that inspiration as the foundation of her development as an artist.  Unafraid of experimentation, Megan Vice creates stellar Pop tunes that crossover from Rock to R&B and Future Pop.

Busy at work on her forthcoming album, Megan Vice is keeping fans happy with her latest single, “”, and subsequent remixes.  Her latest Indie Funk tune is a retro inspired, modern, catchy, saucy jam that shows Megan in her best light.  Having been able to personally see her perform live last year, I can say the new single is the perfect representation of Megan and her overall vibe – Fresg, enchanting, bubbly, sexy and fun.

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