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Megatronic and Wandile Mbambeni deliver a sonic masterpiece “Rumours”

UK artist Megatronic and South African soul sensation Wandile Mbambeni come together for an exhilarating musical collaboration, releasing their latest single, "Rumours." This captivating song explores the intricacies of confusing lust for love, especially in the early stages of a relationship and within the context of online connections. This song takes listeners on a journey through the rollercoaster of emotions experienced when navigating the blurred lines between attraction and genuine affection.


Crafted during Megatronic's South African tour, where she performed at ARMC (Africa Rising Music Conference) and Bushfire Festival in Eswatini. "Rumours" is the result of an intense period of artistic exploration. Megatronic, who recently graced the Berlin Rave The Planet Parade stage, had the unique opportunity to collaborate with local talents, and the track stands as a testament to the power of cross-cultural collaboration. Seamlessly blending Megatronic's electronic swing with Wandile’s authentic South African soul who In 2023, was one of the artists featured on the AppleTV+ docuseries 'My Kind of Country’, based in Nashville, USA.


“The concept behind the track was to create something that could work on the dancefloor as well in the car on nice day. Smooth, relaxing vocals melodies with a driving grooving baseline.

People should listen to this, cause it’s a feel good kinda vibe. It’s definitely a track to sing & clap along to. This is intended to make your heart feel happy.”

- Megatronic.



"Rumours" will be available on all major streaming platforms, offering music enthusiasts a chance to experience the magic of Megatronic and Wandile Mbambeni's collaborative artistry. This release promises to leave an indelible mark on


the music landscape, showcasing the beauty that emerges when artists from different backgrounds come together to create something truly beautiful.

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