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Melanie Iglesias Sings About the Ugly Side of Fame on “L is a B”

Model, actress, and recording artist, Melanie Iglesias has released her new single “L is a B’. For those who aren’t familiar with Melanie Iglesias, she’s the embodiment of a triple threat with the credits to prove it. As a model, Melanie has graced the pages of Maxim, Esquire, and Vibe. She’s been voted one of the “30 sexiest celebrities under 30” (Vibe) and has appeared in three seasons of MTV’s The Guy Code and its spin off, Girl Code. Her latest single delves into the not so glamorous side of the fame game. It’s a provocative and raw look at the reality of life as an influencer. The lyrics appear to describe a friendship ending in betrayal:

“Gave her all my secrets, now she’s threatening to leak sh*t” / real ones won’t expose you.” Though it may describe life in the spotlight for Melanie, the topic of crumbling relationships is a human experience we can all relate to. It’s a good reminder that even those who look like they have it all on social media, are going through the same struggles everyone does. In 2020, we’re here for this kind of realness. The catchy hook and Melanie’s sultry vocal delivery, give this track a serious late 90’s R&B throw back. Her smooth yet almost smoky toned vocals layer seamlessly to the beat; a style synonymous with some of our favorite R&B queens of yesteryear like Faith Evans or Brandy. Be sure to give the song a spin – we have a feeling you’ll quickly find yourself singing along to its memorable chorus: “Life is a b*tch, love is a game / Sometimes people change when they get some fame” True that… Melanie is set to release an album in early 2020. Stay up to date with her music news by following her on Instagram. Stream “L is a B” HERE

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