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Melanie Wehbe Drops Another Gem "Like I Do" Leading up to her debut EP

Hailing from Sweden, buzzing artist and acclaimed singer/songwriter Melanie Wehbe is ready to release her debut solo EP this year. Having started writing at the age of 14, over the years she has honed her sound and proved herself to be one of her home countries best kept secrets. With a stack of high-profile writing credits in her repertoire, Melanie Wehbe has already secured gold and platinum status, while also topping the charts on Spotify and landing 4 number one records on radio. About her journey, she says, "I wrote my first song when I was 14. Back then I started questioning my sexuality and the thought of being different was terrifying to me. Music became my safe space, my language, where I could express myself and process my emotions without feeling judged. So here I am many years later ready to release what I needed to hear back then."

While Melanie Wehbe continues to lend her talents to major records behind the scenes, it is her solo project that has us here today. When her new single, "Like I Do", landed in our inbox, we were instantly hooked by the retro, synth-laden vibe, only enhanced further by her pristine vocals and never-let-go melodies. Perfectly uplifting with a driving energy pulsating beneath, her latest offering is a testament to her skills and undeniable ability to write tunes that connect. About the single she says, "Like I do is a song written to my young self and to all the times in my adult life I’ve forgotten and still forget to prioritize myself. I’ve realized that the relationship we should all focus on a lot more and nourish is the one to ourselves, and this song is here to remind us of exactly that.”

With her debut EP on the horizon, Melanie Wehbe is doing more than enough to get her current fans and new listeners excited. Do yourself a favor and keep an eye on Melanie Wehbe - I know I will be.

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