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Melbourne Pop Artist JXCKY Releases New Hit “The Imitation Game”

The first single off of his upcoming debut EP “Chaotic”, pop artist JXCKY’s latest hit “The Imitation Game” takes brooding dark-pop production to new heights. Shady and mysterious by nature, “The Imitation Game” may sound like the young artist is simply expressing dissatisfaction for someone copying his artistry. But on a deeper level, the new track empowers JXCKY to reclaim his art and call-out those who don’t appreciate art made by LGBTQIA+ creatives as well as people of color. As a gay, Asian creative, the message is important to JXCKY because still to this day, the industry tends to favor white, privileged, cis individuals.

Having experienced several highs and lows of relationships over the years, JXCKY is here and ready to capture the complexities of his life journey through music. By blending pop, rock and r&b influence, he has always prided himself on creating intimate worlds through strong storytelling and genre-blending, appealing to a wide range of audiences across the globe.

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