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Meridian Dan Drops ‘Vegan Chat’ [VIDEO]

Grime legend and member of the Meridian Crew, Meridian Dan has recently unleashed his latest single (+video) – a follow up to teaser track, “Fatality”.

His new tune, “Vegan Chat”, is a poignant jam that sees the veteran Tottenham MC cruising on top of a hypnotizing beat laid down by Jackum Stackum.  While rich textures lay the foundation, slapping drums bring just the right amount of rhythm for Meridian Dan to kick the realness.  About the song, Dan says, “I didn’t want to put something out for the sake of it, it’s about being out of the norm and able to express myself freely on the mic, as soon as I heard the beat, the words came out so comfortably.

Accompanied by a sick official video, the release is driven home via the visuals on which Meridian Dan teamed up with film making duo Blok and visual effects studio The Mill.  About the video, Blok says, “We knew this song would lend itself to a strong visual and we were over the moon to have the Mill on board! The new possibilities posed by having one of the country’s leading VFX supervisors on the team allowed us to make infinitely more impactful images. We wanted to slap the viewer around a bit, make them work for it and leave them exhausted: from multiple characters, to hyper-real worlds like the abattoir where Dan is hanging up like a piece meat, the severed head, Dillian Whyte dressed in a bull costume to the suspiciously familiar looking clown getting water boarded with carrot juice. This is without doubt one of the most collaborative and fulfilling experiences we’ve had in film-making.

With, “Vegan Chat”, serving as his first fully independent release, Meridian Dan pulls no punches and creates a package that more than lives up to his legendary status in the UK.  Having been as consistent as he has throughout his career it is no wonder that the 3 time MOBO award nominated artist finds regular support from the likes of Radio 1, 1Xtra, Toddla T, Annie Mac, DJ Target, CharlieSloth and Complex.  Make sure you check this video out… you won’t be disappointed.

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