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Mia Mormino Delivers on Latest Single ‘Standing Still’

Based in Los Angeles, new artist Mia Mormino is looking to turn her lifelong passion for music and dance into a full blown career.  Having been performing in one form or another for the majority of her life, she has recently decided to dive in head first and see if she can turn her love into a career.

Making sure the song has as much substance as it does vibe, Mia Mormino says, “This song is about my strenuous journey of missing one of my best girlfriends who, for a while, was no longer apart of my life. We had such a strong connection and understood each other on levels that were truly indescribable. She was the silliest, most caring, loving person I had ever met and not having her in my life was the hardest breakup I had ever experienced. This song captures a few of the many special connections we had, and is basically a time line of how our breakup made me feel. I’m so beyond grateful to say that she is now back in my life, and I couldn’t feel more lucky. We always knew we had a unique relationship and our reconnection really solidified just how important we are to each other. I love this girl with all of my heart, so this one is for her.

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