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Miami DJ & Producer Ed Unger To Host Official Full Length Music Picture ‘Watch Party&#8217

This Saturday June 20th, beloved DJ and Producer Ed Unger will be hosting an official watch party for his new full length music picture ‘Tale of The Crying Wolf’. The party will take place on his website at as well as Miami station Tune-in at 5pm PST / 8pm EST for an all immersive music picture experience where Ed will introduce us to his new full length project and dynamic full length visual.

The highly anticipated music picture entitled “Tale of The Crying Wolf” offers a compelling story about the ongoing nature of life’s battles and while often they may seem insurmountable, they’re actually a gift in disguise. Known for his uplifting tracks and remixes, the new project is pleasantly filled with positive emotions and punchy electronic melodies. The thirty four minute visual delivers tranquil scenes of woodlands and waterfalls as a backdrop to buoyant melodic production. Interspersed with songs that deal with personal topics, the relatability is hard to miss, knowing that now more than ever before, we need to welcome love and empathy for others into our lives.

Ed has released music with everyone from Toy Robot Records, Made2Dance Records, MK837 Records, Deeplife Records and Gratitude Productions. Please join Ed Unger and Robert Ketcher this Saturday June 20th at You can follow Ed Unger on Facebook to learn more.

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