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Miami Producer & Recording Artist Ed Unger Releases Timely New Single Entitled “Nights Of

Producer and recording artist Ed Unger released his new single “Nights Of Hope” in February, not quite knowing what the world might need in the present moment. “Nights of Hope” is a lush and edgy composition that takes listeners on a mystical journey, meant to create a warm feeling of hope and connection to the world around you. The song is described as ‘flying high only to then be plummeted down to an unknown direction’. If this isn’t more relatable to our current circumstances, I don’t know what is. Intentionally made to take listeners to a higher plane of existence, “Nights of Hope” feels like it could be found in a sci-fi movie with its larger than life production and high energy pulse.

Ed is a Miami-based producer and recording artist with an imaginative and creative approach to sound design. He makes it a point to create engaging, uplifting tracks to create a deeper relationship with every listener. Appealing to fans of house, progressive and techno, Ed has a way of speaking to a versatile audience and plans to do so even through the quarantine.

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