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Michael Blume has ‘No Rules’

The latest release from NYC‘s Michael Blume, “I am Not a Trend“, is a chewy piece of bubblegum goodness.

In the track Michael says, “I’m gunna keep on doing my art shit… keep on doing my heart felt shit”, and that is essentially what the track is about.  Behind his catchy vocal melodies is a recurring theme of shit talking perseverance. 

Not unlike many (maybe all) other artists, it seems Michael is struggling with his artistry.  With so many opinions and so much pressure to succeed it is always a beautiful thing for an artist to be able to put all of that aside and press on with, “No Rules“.  Let’s face it, being an artist is not easy, but with love and passion there is rarely any choice other than to continue to create.

The track itself features a classic feel with horns, rolling basslines, some snazzy guitar licks, female background vocals and a whole lot of swing.  The result is a nostalgic single with a 2K17 feel.  “I am not a trend”, is a jamming Pop tune with a MoTown flare and a whole lot of funk.

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