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Michigan Band Indigo Starrcar Observes Intense Heartbreak in "9 Years"

Written about a friend of theirs, Indigo Starrcar highlights a heart wrenching breakup in their catchy but all to real new single "9 Years". After witnessing their friends girlfriend of nine years walk out on him as well as his kid, with no explanation, Starrcar couldn't ignore the trauma of it all and took to their creative platform to talk about the tragic ending, where the band wrote from their perspective as an observer to the situation. While based on a heartbreaking situation, Indigo wants people to know that the track is less meant to be a heartbreaking song and is more so positioned as an empowering 'I'm moving on' anthem that so many will be able to relate to. Taking a positive spin on the situation uplifts listeners who may have experienced something similar, still leaving fans dancing from beginning to end.

The Michigan-bred band of Scott Pasada (production & guitar) as well as Bryce Gray (vocals), Brian Cole (drums) and Johnny Pasada (bass) came to life in 2019. Originally just a duo, the band expanded by drawing inspiration from their shared love of rock, r&b and pop music. Embodying a nostalgic sound, the band's new track is sure to stir up some feelings as we inch closer to the season of love.

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