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Mickey May Releases Transcendent Single- Hell of a Night

California based artist, Mickey May is Revolutionary and so is his new single Hell of a Night. a light hearted jam, the new single takes form as a very polished production with mixtures of funkysynth sounds, altpop tones, and counterpoint rhythm. Hell of a Night is both, undeniably sing-able AND dance-able, with a smooth as butter vocal track that is sonically pleasing on every level. On the surface the light tone comes off as being a song about a night out, for fun. However, when you listen, more deeply, it’s obvious that Hell of a Night is a song about self reflection. The well-written lyrics are about coming to the realization that running away from your problems forever, is not a sustainable solution and that eventually, you are gonna have to make a stand and a decision. the “Hell of a Night” is a night spent on distractions from the reality of the choices, imminently at hand, which is a totally relatable situation and experience. Debauchery, drugs, and women are a welcome distraction to our lyrical protagonist but in the end, it’s clear he cannot run from his decision to keep running or give up, forever.

The single is from the artist’s 6 track EP, Just in Case Tomorrow Never Comes, which is dynamically written and produced. Mickey May has something special in talent and creativity. Complex writing, and a great sound mixed with his eclectic form of genre mixing music makes it quite clear Mickey May has a long musical career ahead and he is just getting started. Good luck trying to classify this kid!

Listen to more music from Mickey May, here:

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