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MICO Knows that Love Takes Time in New single “Make Me Leave”

Inspired by the trials and tribulations of a new relationship, 18 year old Canadian artist MICO introduces gritty production to emotional lyrics in his relatable new track “Make Me Leave”. The song’s concept came to fruition over a year ago when MICO told his girlfriend that it didn’t matter how long it took for her to figure out how she feels – that he would be there waiting for her no matter the uncertainty that their dynamic presented. Originally meant to be an EDM-Pop track, “Make Me Leave” ended up coming to full fruition through the production styles of beardy, multigrain and sensu. The hyper-pop collaboration comes on the heels of his debut EP “21st Century Heartbreak” which collected over 1.5M streams to date.

“Make Me Leave” will keep you dancing from beginning to end; a feeling needed in any rocky relationship. Listen to MICO’s new single on all streaming platforms today.

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