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Mikey Dam Finds Closure With His Unstable Childhood Through “Would You”

With his last single “Time” amassing over 1.5 million streams, Mikey Dam is stripping down and showcasing his vulnerability on his latest single “Would You.” Describing it as “what six-year-old Mikey would’ve said to his dad,” Mikey Dam is raw and real while putting his lush voice to the forefront on this new tune.

Driven by an acoustic guitar riff and a heartfelt melody, “Would You” celebrates the theme of family in many forms. The lyrics are resonant and poignant, especially when Dam beckons “Would you hold me? ‘Cause I’m lonely” – a sentiment sure to connect with people in many forms. He effortlessly grasps the fundamental feeling of inclusion and acceptance and how our desire for both affects us deeply. Acting as a source of closure, the song reminds us all that the people who we lean on and receive support from don’t necessarily need to be of our own flesh and blood. Dam reveals:

“Writing the song made me accept what happened, but in spite of it, I turned out good in the end. I believe that those situations made me who I am today. Sometimes those hard roads break people, and sometimes they make people. I don’t think I’d be able to make music and songwrite if I hadn’t been through those situations – it’s an ugly but beautiful thing.”

Knowing that many find themselves in similar situations to his own, Mikey Dam goes on to share: “I want this song to reach kids who’re in this situation now, to help them understand that some people just have different upbringings. I hope that people who’ve been through similar situations know they’re not alone.

His fifth single following “Mountain View Road,” “Sonder,” “Needed Love” and “Time,” Mikey Dam continues to carve out his own raw brand of therapeutic pop tinged R&B with sincere relatability at the heart of his work. A songwriter first, his foundation is charged by heart spoken honesty and sincerity – his biggest asset being his powerful portrayal of everyday real-life truths.

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