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Miki Ratsula Calls Out the "elephant" in the Room on Stunning New Single

Acclaimed artist Miki Ratsula returns with a poignant and uplifting single, "Elephant," a track dedicated to anyone who has ever felt like the odd-one-out in any situation. This Southern California-based artist, who has been independently releasing music since the age of 16, has garnered over 50 million streams, capturing listeners with their authenticity and heartfelt storytelling. Miki’s journey, from coming out and undergoing top surgery to grappling with mental health issues, has been an open book, allowing fans to connect deeply with their experiences. With a national tour under their belt, supporting acts like Lauren Sanderson and Jordy, as well as dates with Ambar Lucid & Sammy Rae & The Friends, Miki's music has resonated widely, earning accolades from Billboard Pride, them., Under the Radar, PopMatters, The Advocate, and more.

"Elephant" is a track that beautifully acknowledges the exhaustion of hiding one’s true self. However, it flips the narrative with a celebratory and upbeat sound that encourages listeners to embrace and own their unique identities. Miki’s raw, emotive vocals perfectly capture the essence of the struggle and joy intertwined in the journey of self-acceptance. The song’s lyrics, "It’s time to be loud and proud, no more hiding now," serve as a powerful mantra for anyone feeling marginalized. Miki describes the song as "a celebration of being different and an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt like they don’t fit in." This positive and empowering message is wrapped in a melody that is as infectious as it is inspiring.

In "Elephant," Miki Ratsula has crafted a song that not only highlights the struggles of feeling out of place but also transforms these feelings into a source of strength and pride. The track’s upbeat instrumentation and celebratory tone make it a joyous listening experience, while its deeper message resonates on a personal level with anyone who has ever felt like they don’t belong. Miki’s ability to blend personal narrative with universal themes of acceptance and self-love makes "Elephant" a standout single, cementing their place as a voice for inclusivity and individuality in the music industry. This single is more than just a song; it’s a beacon of hope and a celebration of diversity.

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